Bookworm’s Corner

Bookworms corner

Peanuts Movie 2015

Of course Smiley Dreamer wouldn’t be complete without books 😉 I’ve always been a bookworm but it wasn’t till 2012, when I finally delved into Christian books. Which changed my world forever.

The most pinnacle book I read in that year was Rick Warren’s Purpose of Driven Life ;). In one word? Perspective. For whatever you’re going through in life and a gentle nudge reminder that this life is temporary. Heaven is home! 😇

Since then, thanks to my fellow American friends networks (it really is a small world!), I’ve read all of their books, blogs and along the way forged awesome and genuine connections *Ah the power of online community!

From Ruthie Dean, I met Paul Angone’s 101 Secrets for your 20’s. To Alison Vestervelt’s Packing Light and Matt Appling’s Life After Art!

All amazing bloggers and incredible writers in their unique ways with life stories I loved reading and were truly inspired by. And in their own little small ways- helped me get to where I am today =)

Felllow bookwormers unite! 😉 🙂 Where words on the page are no longer imaginary but real!


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