God answers prayers in unexpected ways

Isaiah 55:9

For years, I pondered of how to hear God’s voice~ it was one of life’s unsolved mysteries for me until 2010. More on how to listen for God’s voice next week!

Β At times it admittedly felt like I was praying half-heartedly and then proceed to rely on myself. And when things didn’t turn out as planned/prayed I began to wonder if God was really listening.

Eventually somewhere along the way, (must have been a devo) I realised Prayer is a 2 way conversation (just like you have with your best friend):

1. You: vent/share/talk about your feelings and problems.
2. Your best friend (God listens).
3. God gives you advice/answers and you listen πŸ˜‰

The first 2 steps were the easy ones, but the 3rd one? Was the one I never seem to understand.

But then I realised, unsubconsciously I was treating Prayer like a vending machine. i.e I want X, You do Y, so I get Z. No wonder why I was having problems hearing God because I expected Him to answer in a certain way. And got disappointed when it didn’t happen!

The revamp of my prayer life came when I realised that God’s ways- are higher than our ways and surpass our knowledge and understanding beyond bounds. So now when I pray, I vent all my thoughts and feelings and don’t give God instructions. Instead I pray, Let your will be done and not mine. The mindset I have now is not please do XYZ. It’s surprise me God- I know you have my best interests in <3.

And isn’t life better anyway when God surprises you beyond your wildest expectations? Rather than everything following your plans/agenda? He works in unexpected ways to remind us that He is Sovereign and has the Master Plan for our life- which is our saving grace. πŸ˜‰

As we continue our Christian in Training journey together- let us come with humble hearts in prayer and God will amaze us πŸ˜‰

Feel free to share your mini testimony of amazing answers to prayer in the comments below πŸ™ƒ


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