Mastering the chaos

Jeremiah 2:25

Living the simple life is what God intends for us.

As a planner, I love to keep busy to keep myself occupied to the extent where the thought of doing nothing is unheard of.

But over the past few years, I have learnt that the relentless fast pace that I’m drawn to naturally isn’t the best. One of the first few jobs I had where I was overworked every single day made me realise that the simple life is truly underrated. It is the key to mastering the relentless pace of life. Sometimes it is within our control to slow down, other times it’s not- especially at work!

Either way, I found the best way to conquer the extremely loud (busy) but incredibly close times is to shift my focus from the million and one things on my To Do list to our never failing source of light, energy, hope and guidance- our Heavenly Father. Who makes all things possible.

Now that’s not saying we should just take our To Do lists and expect it to passively happen without effort. It’s centering ourselves to find inner peace in Him to have the strength and wisdom to carry on. Where the chaos, frustration and crazy pace suddenly beyond logic is calmed. Because in light of those things that we believe are ever so important to be done- it pales in significance to being with God.

Having peace and quiet time with God is the key to living the simple life, where we live our lives with the purpose to serve Him. It’s not our thousands To Dos.

The time will enlighten us on what truly matters 😉

❤ Be still in God.
❤ Stop and stare to admire the season we’re in.
❤ Take time to be with your loved ones- family and friends 😉
Often in our rushed pace to get things down, we keep our heads down and are so fixated that we miss the beauty of the season we’re in. Of what we created and done in God’s strength. Time is ever so fickle and before we know it, disappeared. We have to embrace our moments when it happens.

After all, it’s these moments, memories and stories of these times that are worth remembering to say we truly lived.

I wished I worked more. Said no one ever.

I wished I spent more time enjoying life with the people I care about. Is what we all want to do 😉 So lets!


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