Feeling spiritually dry?

Feeling spiritually dry?In life there will be times when we lose inspiration and motivation. Albeit it could be down to slipping back into the work routine feeling. Whenever it feels like that, Paul Angone’s Allgroanup blog always comes to the rescue! When you lose inspiration is on point. It’s normal to feel that way sometimes and we all do πŸ˜‰ After all, no one has got everything figured out. No matter the age.

There will be times when our faith is simply on fire, where we are going gung-ho as world changers. Just as there will be times when we’re just not feeling it, slightly in the slumps and unmotivated. But what I realised is that life will always be hard, but without God it’s even harder. Our worst days with God is better than our best days without him πŸ˜‰ Always.

The key to overcoming the sense of spiritual dryness is going back to the start.

#1. Block the white noise from the world and listen for God’s voice.
In life we will always at some point or another find ourselves in the midst of an endless marathon with a multitude of agendas, to do lists and work with hardly any time to breathe. That’s when we need to take ownership and pull the plug.

Headphones. Christian music. 10 minutes of pure peace and quiet just meditating. Life changing.
Our human minds are an amazing thing but if we neglect to look after ourselves, sooner of later we’ll shut down from overload.

#2. Look back at your most memorable encounters with God.
Our testimonies and stories of remember the moment when we conquered_______, the time when we ____________ were so scared but God delivered and pulled us through to our baptism love story πŸ˜‰ Just like any love, we have to remind ourselves of all we have already conquered with God by our side.

#3. Shake up the Bible reading routine and start connecting.
At times we’ve all fell into the autopilot routine of just reading Scripture. Secret is not how much we read, it’s how much we connect to it. I remember reading a few years ago on iBelieve that the key to do that is read a verse and turn it into a prayer. πŸ˜‰ Life changer!

#4. Revamp the peace and quiet time (P&Q).
Again it’s easy to fall prone to just going through the motions of P&Q- reading the same devos,listening the same music, all in all just doing the same old thing.

That’s the time to explore the new! Different blogs. Different songs. Or even, try our hand at writing our own worship song πŸ˜‰ Even go as far as to changing the scenery- prayer/worship walks outdoors, in the city park to in our living room with family and friends.

Just remember, feeling spiritually dry is normal- just like how we can’t feel the same way about our significant others everyday. The important thing is to keep holding onto God no matter the season even of we don’t feel it.

He’s always there even though it may feel like He’s a million miles away right now πŸ˜‰ Always.


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