The best legacy to leave behind…

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens by Melbourne Tourist Guide Instagram

For you.
For others.
For future generations.

In Matt Appling’s Life after Art book, he shares that all humans have this innate desure to create. After all, God is the Creator and breathed life into us. So naturally we have this yearn to create beautiful and incredible things.

There’s just something about creating, whether writing a book, creating a blog, drawing or even writing a song- it makes us feel blissfully content. As we take a step back smile and admire it and go wow, we did that! One of my favourite sayings is that no matter how you look at it, it’s Art! In its best form because it was made by you.

But in a world where the now, tomorrow, to dos, social media and whatnot, creating falls through the cracks simply because we’re too busy or distracted.

Like tennis tower texting for the whole day.
Getting caught up on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram newsfeed.
Spending endless hours watching hilarious YouTube videos.
Or snuggling up on the couch the entire weekend watching TV.
Now while those things aren’t necessarily un-ideal, they don’t really leave our legacy do they? Life doesn’t revolve around a screen. The screen should revolve around our life 😉

After all, when we want to look back at an X age- we’ll wonder what were we doing and were like at that time? And if all we invested in were temporary, we would have no way of knowing exactly.
It may not seem like it now, but down the track- others like our little cousins or future generations would want to know our stories. For our life journey and stories to be known, we must create.

Whether is be art, a song, photo collage, journal, blog, book- it’s a legacy waiting to be made. Just do something, anything. That uniquely captures your quintessence.

Because I don’t want to look back on my life not knowing what it was like back then vs the now. The past shows us how much we have grown, matured and learned right up to now. And we can’t really do that unless we create.

Creating gives us joy, happiness, contentment and rejuvenates us when we feel completely knackered from life. It’s our revival.

So join me today in creating a legacy to share your thoughts, stories and experiences for you, others and future generations to come! 😉


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