What real love is

LoveNo matter where you’ve been, whatever has happened, love always prevails.

A lot of the times when we’ve had less than ideal experiences with love, whether with heartbreak or seeing our parents relentlessly bicker till the end of time, we automatically write off relationships simply because we think ❤️ just doesn’t exist.

But how can we believe that ❤️ doesn’t exists when the core of being a Christian is simply loving God and loving others? It’s embedded in our moral fibres of our beings!

I think one of the most scariest things in life is opening up to love after being hurt by someone that left lasting memories on our hearts or growing up in a household where parents showed rarely showed love and continually argued. It’s so easy to then vow we’ll never feel that way again or that ❤️ doesn’t really exist.

Because ❤️ means..
– Being vulnerable.
– Taking risks.
– Putting yourself out there and risking it all without the promise that they’ll be there forever and always. And that’s just downright scary. Terrifying. Unthinkable.

And because it’s just so much safer to hide in a solitude of never falling in love cause we’ll never get hurt. But the hiding in a fortress isn’t what we’re made for. Ever heard of the saying, ‘A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for?’ (John A. Shedd).

We’ve all been hurt in different ways by ❤️ one way or another, so it’s perfectly fine to take a break from relationships and recoup in God’s ❤️. But after that we need to get back up with God’s strength and to guide us with His wisdom. Because hiding in our solitude means missing out on the Married life chapter of Up. With the person who goes through every life stage journey with you and grow old with you 😉

Now I’m not saying that we should jump back on the dating ship after being hurt right away. What am I saying that after recouping and dusting ourselves off to ask God to grant us wisdom and openness to ❤️ again. And the fact that are insecurities, doubts, hurts and fears are in tow- it’s actually a good thing.

Because that means we need to rely on God and trust in His plans and not our own. Cause although we have the best plans and intentions in our minds, He always trumps it. God seems to have a sense of humour and whatever we thought we should settle for, He makes it astronomical beyond anything we ever imagined. Somehow what we thought we always wanted isn’t exactly what we always needed. When God orchestrates the whole thing, simple moments/notions somehow become a magical adventure.

So despite all that’s happened to us in the past and what’s shaped our opinions about ❤️.

Believe that ❤️ exists despite all the shortcomings, disappointments and hurt we endured.

Believe that ❤️ always prevails despite all our relationship baggage.

Most of all, lets pray to God to guide us that When the Moment Comes, we’ll jump fearlessly knowing that He’ll catch us.

With ❤️,

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