Feeling anxious?

Yesterday I was chatting to one of my good friends that I met late last year in my short stint in the Animation course and was blown away by her maturity and wisdom at such a young age! Gabby’s only 18, is already amazingly talented in her drawings, inspirational stories and messages across her social media and is always so smiley! Not to mention incredibly insightful in our Christian growth =) *Yup, the post above is all hers!

Given that mental health made a pretty profound impact on my life last year, the message in the above instagram post really spoke to me. It’s such a powerful reminder as I transition to the next chapter of my life 😉

I ❤ the ending message the most =) and how the drawings, words and highlights really complement each other =)

Visual Journal

It’s great to see how mental health is no longer a taboo thing where we have to hide what we’re truly feeling. Even in the music industry ^^


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