The 60/40 World Changer Challenge =)

Just another regular Sunday relaxing in my room scrolling through my Instagram as usual, when this interesting promo propped up. And it immediately caught my eye. What was the 60/40 challenge? Jumping over to their Instagram profile, I instantly clicked on the link in their bio to pique my curiosity.

Simply put, the 60/40 Challenge is 60 simple tasks over 40 days starting this 4 March 2019 with the mission to end global poverty. The ambitious challenge aims to raise $400,000 collectively! It’s notΒ  just about raising finance though, it’s about fostering community through reflection, prayer, fundraising, and advocacy πŸ˜‰. I ❀ the fact how the tasks are both individual/team 😊 and can’t wait to present the 60/40 Challenge to my Gospel Community Group this week!

The most interesting thing about the challenge though was that it wasn’t super clear that it was hosted by Baptist World Aid Australia (a Christian aid and development organisation). Which is totally fine as well. As after attending the Social Impact Conference 2019 by Rotary Youth Victoria and Vollie – there were tons of inspiring social enterprises created to change the world who weren’t necessarily Christian but were world changers. You just have to be passionate about your cause and do something about it to shift the status quo πŸ˜‰

After being super intrigued with the challenge, I fast tracked downloading the End Poverty app and signed up for the 60/40 Challenge to end poverty yay! And only after then browsing around their website on Who they are, I realised it was a Christian organisation (it was early after all when I found it!). Which means as a side bonus, I can let my wider church community know about it along with my many friends, family and networks from work and uni. #Winning the 60 40 Challenge πŸ˜‰ (Yes I know a hashtag really? But it really does belong there).

As I wrote in my Unibookworm Youth United post (a previous fundraiser way back in 2016):

For the ones without a roof over their heads, warm food and a place to call home.
The ones who don’t get the same opportunities as we do.
The ones who need help but don’t know where to go.

Today, let’s unite together to restore hope and grace to help them find their way in life. To give the women, children and men living in poverty a better futureΒ πŸ˜‰

Just hit the epic campaign banner below to donate*.
And share the ❀ with this post/fundraising page! Thank you! =)

*If you would like to find more about the Baptist World Aid Australia, head to their website and you’ll know exactly where the your donations are going .

60-40 challenge

P.S: I’m so excited for what the next 60 challenges across the next 40 days will bring for not only myself but for my Gospel Community. Thank you for your support and prayers as we begin the challenge to have the accountability, passion and perseverance to see it through to make a difference to end global poverty. Whatever comes ahead, I know it will be a massive time of spiritual growth, faith and gratitude =) ( *after all the number 40 is a significant number in Bible theology ;).

P.P.S: If I inspired you to take up the challenge, feel free to sign up πŸ˜‰ and I’ll donate $5 to help kickstart your challenge.

As Anthony Sell in his In 2019, Be Courageous article said….




One thought on “The 60/40 World Changer Challenge =)

  1. Reblogged this on UniBookworm and commented:

    I’ve signed up for the 60/40 World Changer Challenge for 2019! πŸ˜‰

    In a nutshell, the 60/40 Challenge is 60 simple tasks over 40 days starting this 4 March 2019 with the mission to end global poverty. The ambitious challenge aims to raise $400,000 collectively!

    Hit the link below to read more about my fundraiser story πŸ˜‰


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