Faith Lane

Faith Lane
Sound familiar? Inspired by Brian Houston’s book, Live Love Lead (ooh how quirky! My blog tagline is almost the same 😉 ) talks about how we as Christians can live 2 ways.

#1. Fast lane: 

The relentless pace of life- go go go, never stopping, just continually running the never ending race. Wanting results, answers and actions instantaneously with the whole world on the shoulders.

Or #2: Life in the Faith Lane as eloquently put by Brian Houston,

Where the impossible becomes the I AM POSSIBLE.

Where challenges, trials, stretches us on the very brink- to grow our character, stronger than we ever believed ourselves to be.

Where stepping out to the unknown doesn’t scare us and even if it does, we fearlessly keep going anyway. The excitement of not knowing just makes it all the more worthwhile and propels us to keep going 😉

We keep going even when we don’t know the final destination in sight.We’ll find ourselves doing things that we never imagined beyond our comfort zone, limitations, insecurities…

What faith is

Life’s a journey not a destination 😉