Feeling spiritually dry?

Feeling spiritually dry?In life there will be times when we lose inspiration and motivation. Albeit it could be down to slipping back into the work routine feeling. Whenever it feels like that, Paul Angone’s Allgroanup blog always comes to the rescue! When you lose inspiration is on point. It’s normal to feel that way sometimes and we all do 😉 After all, no one has got everything figured out. No matter the age.

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Mastering the chaos

Jeremiah 2:25

Living the simple life is what God intends for us.

As a planner, I love to keep busy to keep myself occupied to the extent where the thought of doing nothing is unheard of.

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To sink or swim?

James 1:12

Photo is credited to Robert Jahn, an amazingly talented photographer

I think we’ve all had times in our lives where we ask, Why God? When life in general just doesn’t go the way we’ve planned. Like when relationships fall through, career pathways seems so out of reach or even friendships fallouts- it does seem logical. But what I realised is that life is actually 5% what happens but 95% how we choose to take it 😉

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Embrace the season of your life right now

Jeremiah 29:11

Because God has big plans for you!

This was one of the most profound pearls of wisdom I learnt in my 2012 gap year. I remember just wanting to get a job so badly. To the extent of just wishing God would just fast forward the season when I actually would have one. But year after, I realised God was more interested in refining my character rather than just giving me the easy way out.

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Uncovering the mystery of hearing God’s voice

Uncovering the mystery of hearing God's voice

For years I wondered how to actually listen to God’s voice- every time I heard a preacher say God told me this- I was like what do they mean? How can you hear God speak to you when you can’t actually see Him? It wasn’t until the end of Year 11, I finally approached my Youth Pastor with the BIG QUESTION- How do you listen for God’s voice? And know it’s Him?

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What being Fearless means…

Being Fearless

Being fearless doesn’t actually mean we have no fears.

It means the opposite.

It’s having fears but choosing to jump anyway, even when every moral fibre of your being tells you otherwise.

It’s Trusting God to free fall jump even when we don’t know what’s on the other side.

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