Feeling anxious?

Yesterday I was chatting to one of my good friends that I met late last year in my short stint in the Animation course and was blown away by her maturity and wisdom at such a young age! Gabby’s only 18, is already amazingly talented in her drawings, inspirational stories and messages across her social media and is always so smiley! Not to mention incredibly insightful in our Christian growth =) *Yup, the post above is all hers!
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101 Questions… Book Launch Challenge #3

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Challenge #3 =) Oooh love this one! Brings back memories of high school and my early 20’s, the years of self discovery and finding self confidence 😉 And coming out of the 5 years of learning and growing, the nuggets (yes nuggets cause I’m feeling peckish right now) of wisdom I learnt are: The moment you stop worrying what other people think about you and let go of your inhibitions… You realise: 😉 That everyone else is figuring life as well. 😉 That people’s naysayers opinion of you really shouldn’t matter. In fact that became my sign that I was on the right track when people were telling me that I was crazy and reckless for even considering it 😉 😉 That no one can make you feel inferior or judged without your consent =) damn straight! And what that looks like? 😉 You take more chances fearlessly and leap with faith into the unknown. 😉 If the thought, I don’t think I can comes up, it means I definitely should do it 😉 😉 Comfort zone living no longer seems enticing, life of edge looks way more fun 😉 cause God is more concerned about our character growth than our comfort 😉 😉 You learn to love yourself not only for your strengths but your flaws and somehow make them into your greatest strengths. The end of my 5 years of self discovery has led me to become the every brave, witty, relentless, perseverant, courageous, funny, fearless, confident and kind person that I always wanted to be 😉 with God’s grace & love. 🙃🌈😉😎❤️ Trust me, if you nail self confidence and vanquish self doubt early on – you’ve already accomplished what people spend most of their lives trying to 😉 Go forth and be awesome! 🙃 P.S: My go to self confidence & love songs are Who Says by Selena Gomez & I’m Me by Us the Duo 🙃😉 Perfect songs to start any day =)

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What’s in JJ’s iBook shelf?

JJ bookshelf

iBooks 2017

Before the technology revolution took off 7 years ago, reading an actual book from a library or a bookstore was the norm. And being an avid reader/bookworm, there was nothing I liked more than escaping to my reading sanctuary.

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What being Fearless means…

Being Fearless

Being fearless doesn’t actually mean we have no fears.

It means the opposite.

It’s having fears but choosing to jump anyway, even when every moral fibre of your being tells you otherwise.

It’s Trusting God to free fall jump even when we don’t know what’s on the other side.

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Singleness… Sing-it-out!


To me, singleness is one of the most underrated seasons of life. There’s so much hype about finding the one and settling down that sometimes we miss the fact that singleness is truly an amazing season to be in.

It’s the most pivotal time of self discovery and incredible massive growth where you will… Continue reading