Welcome to The Joy Journalist! =)

Welcome to The Joy Journalist

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The story of The Joy Journalist goes way back to 2013 and was inspired by awesome 20something blogger and author Paul Angone in his 101 Secrets for your 20’s (highly recommend the book! 😉 It was the last secret- the best secret for your 20’s are the ones your discover for yourself. So here we are!

A collection of my life stories from when I was 18, all the way till now- 22. Way back when, the original name of the blog was actually Saving Grace, which later changed to randomthoughtsofa20something (whew, that was one long blog title!) But both didn’t that really capture the quintessence of why I was writing.

Till 2016. The Joy Journalist- a smiley dreamer at heart. 😉

Relentless daydreamer with optimism despite the odds 😉 

To inspire hope, faith, to give encouragement and uppage, share prayers, light and <3. 

That is my quintessence. 

New posts will definitely be on ze way! To tide you over, a little welcome post awaits you in every category 😉

Till then, courtesy of my fellow blogger friends who inspired The Joy Journalist, check out:

    • Paul Angone’s Allgroanup (20something uppage)
    • Danny Rubin (Career aces blog) 😉
    • iBelieve: everything from faith, relationships to prayer to every day life!
    • Ruthie Dean (Relationships expert)
    • Allison Fallon (Writer guru, she travelled all 50 states of the US and wrote a book!)
    • Matt Appling’s Church of no people (blog archived now).
    • Seeds 4 Life (daily mug of uppage and happiness 😉

Happy readings! 😉

With =)’s, light and hope,
The Joy Journalist aka JJ 😉

P.S Shout out to my awesome brother who came up with the incredible pen name!